Oracle Database Support and Administration

Installation and Configuration
  • Develop Configuration Plan
  • Prepare the Operating System for Installation
  • Backup the Previous Installation (upgrade only)
  • Set Up the Database Server Environment
  • Install the Oracle Server and SQL*Net
  • Configure Oracle Server
  • Configure the SQL*Net Network Environment
  • Configure the Oracle ODBC Environment
  • Install the Oracle Sample Databases
  • Set Up and Test Database Connectivity
Database Administration
  • Logical Database Design
  • Physical Database Design
  • Create the Physical Databases
  • Administration of Tables, Clusters and Indexes
  • Administration of Views, Aliases and Synonyms
  • Administration of Database Links and Triggers
  • Administration of Functions, Packages and Procedures
  • Administration of Roles and Profiles
  • Set Up Database Security and Auditing Processes
  • Administration of Oracle Users
  • Set Up Backup and Recovery Procedures
Performance and Tuning
  • Identification of Problems with Design and Development
  • Identification of Problems with System Resources
  • Identify Problems and Tune Memory, Disk I/O and CPU
  • Identify Problems and Tune the Oracle Network
  • Identify and Create Indexes as needed for Performance
  • Tune the SQL and PL/SQL Code
  • Tune the Database Writer, Rollback Segments and Redo Log FIles
  • Tune for Long Running Jobs
  • Tune for the Client Server Environment

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